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New scrummy juicy goodness

Introduce your baby to a world of fruity – and even veggie – flavours with our new delicious drinks. Our Splash!, Fruity! and Fruit & Veg! ranges are all bursting with exciting blends of baby grade fruit (and veg*), diluted in spring water. And the best part is there’s no added sugar**.  

There are lots of different flavours to choose from and our drinks come in two handy sizes – 150ml for when you are out and about and 500ml for you to keep at home!

*veg juices included in our scrummy Fruit & Veg drinks!
**Contains only naturally occurring sugars from fruit (and & veg for Fruit & Veg! skus)

Heinz Daily Meal Planner – helping you give them the goodness they need – create yours> 

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