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My baby is a very fussy eater, how do I deal with this?

Almost all babies will go through periods of fussiness. But there are plenty of ways you can help steer them through these challenging times.

  • Make sure your baby is not filling their tummy with drinks just before a meal, especially calorific ones such as milk and anything with added sugar such as fruit cordials or carbonated drinks
  • Learn to recognize when your baby has had enough. Signs include turning their head away, refusing to open their mouth, crying and pushing the bowl or spoon away
  • Keep meal times relaxed and try not to let them drag on for too long
  • Babies do not generally continue eating beyond about 20 minutes
  • Keep portions small and include a variety of tastes, textures and colours
  • Do not try to coax or bribe your baby, especially with the promise of other foods. This sets up the idea that some foods are rewards and better than others
  • Try not to get anxious about your baby's eating habits. Your baby will pick up on your anxieties. If on the odd occasion your baby does not seem to be eating much, rest assured that if they are gaining weight and seem well, then in the vast majority of cases they are getting as much food as they need.