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How do I ensure my little one is getting enough milk?

Parents have asked: "My 6 1/2 month baby girl has just started having 3 meals a day but I am really worried that she is not getting enough milk. She has about 6-7 ozs of milk about 6am when she wakes, I then give her breakfast about 9am which is normally some porridge or weetabix, she then has lunch about 12, normally a heinz stage 1 pot and a yoghurt, then at about 3.30-4pm a light dinner and about another 4-5 ozs of milk before bed at 6pm. I have read that she should be having about twice as much milk but she just isn't interested. I try and give her water throughout the day but she does not have much. Her poos are also very green and I wonder if I am making her iron deficient."

It's natural to worry that your little one is not getting enough milk. When children are just weaned, it's quite common for them to seem less interested in their milk feeds. However, as you say, breast milk, or if you are unable or choose not to breastfeed, follow-on formula is a source of vital nutrients such as iron and calcium.

Here are a few ideas you might like to try to get more milk into your baby's diet:

  • try replacing the lunchtime yoghurt with a milk feed
  • make up breakfast using baby's usual milk
  • make some milk based desserts with baby's usual milk e.g. rice pudding
  • try introducing a mid-morning milk feed

If you're still concerned about your baby's diet, please contact your healthcare professional.