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When is the best time to start weaning?

Pick a moment when your baby isn't too hungry or tired and when you are both relaxed and free from distractions. Make only a small amount to begin with to avoid waste. If they push the food out with their tongue, they may not be ready to wean, so try again in a week or so.

Try not to worry if your baby does not seem to be eating much in the first stages of weaning. Babies are generally good at regulating what they eat to obtain the necessary nutrients. Remember that your baby's tummy is tiny, so keep portion sizes small but offer food or milk frequently. Do not force food on them if they are unwilling to eat, this will avoid making meal times stressful for both of you.

Babies are very receptive to new foods during the first six months of weaning. So far they have only tasted milk, so solid food is a big adventure for them. Once you start the weaning adventure, they quickly learn to like food and not to be mistrustful of new tastes and textures.

Speak to your GP for weaning before 6 months