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What if my 13 month old is teething and refusing to eat solid food?

Parents have asked: "My 13 month old is teething and refusing to eat much in the way of solid food. Will the smoother baby jars / pouches work as a substitute nutrition wise until she gets her appetite back?"

I'm sorry your little one is suffering with teething troubles. It's a distressing time for you and her but hang in there because it will pass soon.

If your daughter is off her food then it's ok to try purees if they're easier for her to eat. Just make sure you give her a couple at a time, as they tend to be smaller portion sizes than typical toddler meals. You could also try feeding some foods cold e.g. fruit desserts or pots. If they've been in the fridge till they're cold, it might soothe sore gums.

Alternatively, she may like to relieve the pain by chewing on a carrot stick or breadstick, so offer some finger foods like this to she if they help.

As soon as she is no longer teething, move back onto normal toddler foods, as it's important to offer foods with a more adult texture to help her learn to chew and eat the same foods as you.

Good luck and do let us know how you get on.