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Is it good to give my 13 months son ham in his sandwiches?

Parents have asked: "Is there any nutritional benefit to giving my 13 month old son ham in his sandwiches? - I only give it to him occasionally as I don't think it is particularly good for you but it is the only food he will eat"

I know how difficult it can be when your little one will only eat a small range of foods. Rest assured, this fussy eating phase will pass in a while. Just continue to offer a wide range of foods and remember, it may take at least 8 different occasions of offering a food before your toddler will accept it. Have a look at my fussy eating article for some more information.

Ham is a source of protein and some minerals like iron and zinc, however you do need to watch out for salt levels, so try not to give your son ham too often. You could try some chicken or turkey slices instead, or maybe a cheese spread but again, keep an eye on the salt levels.