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Start your baby’s weaning journey in a healthy, balanced way with Heinz Immunity Support Pouches.
Suitable for little ones aged 6 or 7+ months, these delicious fruity snacks include L. Parabascei cultures & Vitamin C to support the immune system.
Mothers pass on antibodies to help with their babies immunity but this decreases after only 3 months of being born.
For babies who like to explore...
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As babies reach 6 months of age and enter the weaning phase, they will start to explore new foods and tastes. Your little one’s immune system is developing all the time too as they grow bigger and stronger!
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As babies become more adventurous, they tend to keep parents on their toes! Heinz Immunity Support Pouches contain Vitamin C.
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Trying new foods and flavours is a wonderful world of discovery for tiny tots. Introduce them to the fantastic fruity varieties of Heinz Immunity Support Pouches and watch their little faces light up!
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Parenthood can be challenging enough, so we take the hassle out of finding a healthy snack… Heinz Immunity Support Pouches are simple to use, ideal for on-the-go, come loaded with Vitamin C and are fully recyclable.
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Find our pouches at these retailers – online or in the baby aisle.
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